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High-quality omnidirectional learning environment ─────
                                Chung Hua University, a cradle of the Science Park.

         Becoming one of Chung Hua University, we can take you to the top of the next technology Era University is the golden stage for training and development of basic education. To nurture mentally and physically balanced modern youth, Chung Hua University is dedicated to cultivate healthy, integrated, intelligent, helpful and artistic youths under its banner of "sunshine (youngster), green (campus) as well as e-learning."

Educational Philosophy
         Current name of the University was changed on August 1, 1997 from Chung Hua Engineering College, established under the approval of the Ministry of Education in March, 1990. The mission and vision of the University were to build an excellent educational environment to facilitate delightful learning for students and dedicated research for teachers. It is our goal to develop virtue, integration and professionalism in our youth.

Chung Hua Characteristics
         In order to reach the objectives of exquisite and quality education, Chung Hua University emphasizes as its features the "creation of an acrobatic e-learning environment" and "development and nurture of creativity." Some of the characteristics of the university include:
01. Proximity to Hsinchu interchanges of National Highway 3 (Exit 103).
02. Resources sharing (e.g. credits recognition, library consortium) with National Tsing Hua University       and National Chiao Tung University which are close-by.
03. Research cooperation with Industrial Technology Research Institute and Health Research Institute       which are also close-by.
04. Easy access to Hsinchu Science Park to promote cooperative academic-industries projects and       students employment.
05. Good neighborhood relations with local public and private sectors through various continuous       educational programs.
06. Excellent cooperative programs with Taoyuan, Miaoli and Hsinchu county governments.
07. Emphasizing and developing the integration of inter-disciplinary studies.
08. Encouragement of group studies.
09. Stimulation of applicable academic researches to promote cooperation with industries.
10. Parallel development for undergraduate and graduate studies while on-the-job programs are the       focus of graduate studies.
11. Beautiful campus combining local eco-system.

         To nurture engineering and managing professionals for upgrade of domestic industries was the main purpose of the University at its establishment. However, along with the development of the University, balanced education had been gradually taken into consideration for the future of the University. Chung Hua University is nowadays an engineering- and management-oriented mid-sized comprehensive university with college of engineering, college of management, college of architecture and planning, college of humanities and social sciences and college of tourism.

Life on Campus
         Campus of the University was collaboratively planed and designed by faculty as well as students of the College of Architecture and Planning. Scenic places such as "bamboo path", "historic building" and "cotton tree trail" had won wide acclaims among whoever staying here. In addition to arts center, gym, bookstore, cafe, net cafe and convenient store, four tennis and basketball courts, a standard field with PU track and in-door performing arts as well as sport activity center are also easily accessible for extracurricular purposes. Moreover, user-friendly facilities and internet network are provided in the dormitories. Security of student within campus is further enhanced by computer controlled entrance surveillance system and periodical fire alarm exercises. The well designed campus provides not only daily but also various leisure necessities for students.

Educational Facilities (E-Learning Environment)
         The University had been endeavoring in building up an e-learning environment over past few years. In addition to internet accessibility in every classroom, e-learning classroom equipped with projectors and terminals is also available in each Department for teaching through internet. Besides, the strategic alliance with Microsoft made Chung Hua University a successful case in its Campus IT Solution Manual. Furthermore, the University was ranked the second among all Taiwan's colleges by Digital Weekly magazine in upgrading its TANet bandwidth to Gigabit (1000Mbps). Fifty IT sockets are available at the reading room of library to access internet.

Library & Information Technology Services
         To upgrade services, implement virtual collection and access to global academic researches through web resources, the Library added wireless network to regular IT sockets for easier internet connection. In addition, the Library not only is a member of STIC CONCERT but also shares its resources with nearby National Tsing Hua University, Chiao Tung University and National Hsin Chu Teachers College.

         The University is located close to Green Grass Lake, a scenic place at southern suburb of Hsin Chu City. Five kilometers away from downtown and neighboring the famous Hsinchu Science Park, the campus is nested against mountain and water.